Sunday, July 03, 2005

[New label] Hanahuda - the flower cards

We settle on Hanafuda for the new product labels. Hanafuda (flower cards) is a Japanese traditional playing cards printed seasonal flowers and sights of Japan.

Firstly, we prepared about January, July and August cards. The other months' are coming soon!

Hanafuda (

Hanafuda - January - Crane and pines

Hanafuda - July - Boar and Japanese bush clovers

Hanafuda - August - Full moon and Japanese silver grasses

Special feature
We're using overlay-print effects with Kanji (Chinese character) texture. Yes, it's fantastic!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

[New label] Random walking atoms

Random walking atoms written in traditional Chinese. You'll get some new insight about artistic and enchanted world of Kanji character.

Random walking atoms (

Random walking atoms Wall Clock Random walking atoms  Mug
Random walking atoms  Mouse Pad Random walking atoms  Ringer T-shirt